Sitecore Symposium North America 2012 Keynote

Notes from this morning’s Keynote. Not sure how much I’ll be blogging the event but I figured the keynote was one thing that needed to be covered.

Michael Seifert, CEO and Co-Founder takes the stage…

  • 500 in Boston last year, 1,000 this year in Vegas
  • Customers don’t want to have to tell you what they want, the customer wants you to anticipate what they want
  • WYSIWYG of tomorrow is “What You Need Is What You Get”

  • Goal is to build lifetime customers (It’s what we want at AIIM), 5 steps
    • Gather Customer Intelligence
    • Sense & Adapt to their needs
    • Need to develop a Single View of a Customer
      • Need to understand their actions across channels (and their historical activity)
    • Use this Single View to deliver a Relevant Experience (This seems a lot like what SalesForce said, which doesn’t make it wrong)
    • From there, Anticipate and Deliver things that meet their needs
  • Demo by John Fieldshows the multi-platform approach, including a touchpoint via Facebook
    • Starts with a QR code
    • Each interaction across every channel is targeted to be more relevant
    • Showing how they built the demo
  • Darren Guarnaccia takes the stage to show upcoming stuff
    • Marketing Optimization Matrix coming into public beta shown
    • Path Analyzer to measure all the customers to help determine the right set of interactions. Allows you to measure the experience to get predictive in realtime
    • Just brought up #BigData (doubtful if it is anything more than powerful Analytics, which isn’t something to sneeze at) (It is “Big Data”, they are using MongoDB to scale the data)

Of to refill my coffee and hit the Product Track keynote.


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