EMC World 2012: Rules of the Road

Another year, another EMC World. Big difference this time is that this year it almost didn’t happen.

As you know, I’m now the AIIM CIO. We don’t use Documentum, though we do have an EMC storage array. We aren’t delivery partners with EMC. Jeetu does sit on our board and EMC does sponsor some of our events. So while we do have a relationship with EMC, it isn’t one that would lead to my attending EMC World.

Then a funny thing happened, I wrote a post about how I still felt part of the Documentum Community. Before I knew it, I had swung by the Developer Conference and I was scheduled to speak at this year’s EMC World on A Brave New World for Information Management.

So I’m back, though I never really went away.

We are only a week away so I thought I’d reiterate my ground rules for this, and any, conference. For those that are unfamiliar, I pretty much type notes at every sessions and hit publish at the end of the session, essentially sharing my session notes with you. These rules are very similar to last years Rules (I even cut-and-paste for a draft), but I’ve updated a bit as I do every year.

All “live” posts that follow these rules will start EMC World 2012:. This is to clearly identify them for everyone. If I write a post before/during/after the conference that doesn’t adhere to what I am laying-out here, it won’t have that prefix.

Just a heads-up, my session mix will vary a little this year. I’ll still hit the keynote, roadmap, Ed Bueche’s, and Jeroen van Rotterdam’s sessions. I’m also going to be spending more time on the floor, blogger’s lounge, and some Big Data sessions. You may have noticed, Big Data is exploding out of the marketing niche and starting to be come relevant for all Information Professionals.


I’m going to be running a basic disclaimer in all my posts. If for some reason I forget to paste it in, this disclaimer applies to all EMC World 2012: prefixed posts and you can be sure I’ll be adding the disclaimer as soon as I notice that it is missing.  This is because I will be writing the posts during/after sessions and I will hear things that I may misconstrue or that talk about future events.

All information in this post was gathered from the presenters and presentation. It does not reflect my opinion unless clearly indicated (Italics in parenthesis). Any errors are most likely from my misunderstanding a statement or imperfectly recording the information. Updates to correct information are reflected in red, but may not be otherwise indicated.

All statements about the future of EMC products and strategy are subject to change at any time due to a large variety of factors.

As indicated, if I learn later that something I posted was incorrect, I will endeavor to correct it, but it may not be immediate.

Topics of Conversation

As a general rule, if I, or the person I am talking to at the time, has a beverage in their hand, I’m not blogging/tweeting it. If it is blatantly clear that the information is public, I will share it in a constructed post during, or shortly after, EMC World.

The issue here is that even in my new role, I have a long-standing relationship with of EMC/Documentum. As such, I am sometimes privy to information that is not made available to the general public. If I start sharing this information, then I would no longer be able to learn any of it in the future. The information is by far more important any benefit that I may gain by posting it here or anywhere else.

This is a fun little line that I have to walk, but I think I’ve walked it well. There are several EMC personnel that have shared information with me since I started this blog and subsequently tweeting.

I have, to date, kept all confidences and will continue to do so in the future.


I will be using Twitter some during EMC World.  You can follow me at @piewords.  You can also follow all the Momentum 2012 action at #mmtm12 and all of the EMC World action at #emcworld.

Most information will be going here, into my blog. Random thoughts and where I am going (in my annual quest to maintain my caffeine levels) will be mostly through Twitter. If you don’t have my phone number to text me, your best bet to locate me at EMC World will be through Twitter.

The Time Delay

I am a busy person at the conference, though less so this year.  As such, not all posts will be tagged immediately as I will be focusing on getting them posted and moving to the next session. Have no  fear, the tags will come.

I will also be updating my EMC World page of links at most once every day.  While it is a good index of what I have written, it will not be completed until after the conference is over and I have time to update it. I will try and add links from other blogs, but that is also time dependent.

That’s it…See you there!