EMC World 2012: Jeetu Keynote, Roadmap for Transforming Your World

Here we are at the second big keynote of the Momentum part of the EMC World conference. Jeetu Patel, CSO and CMO, and Rohit Ghai, VP Products. Not sure what to expect beyond an update on how they are executing on the strategy.


  • Making the choice between Innovation and Governance shouldn’t be required. These choices are made and cause unfortunate consequences. See banking industry in the US the past few years.
  • Delivery of New User interfaces
    • D2 3.1 and now 4.0
    • Documentum Mobile 1.1 (iPhone) and now 1.2 (IRM support)
    • Syncplicity (acquisition from yesterday)
  • Brian Roche takes stage to show D2 4.0
    • Demo being done on a Mac
    • Showing preview of content in the application itself.
    • Showed Google maps showing “where” the document was last updated.
    • Get to pick different workplace based upon what you are working on and your role
    • Showed adding of Twitter widget.
    • Must be a Google gadget
    • D2 4.0 can co-exist with 3.1
  • Mobile First, first class experience
  • Talking about EMC OnDemand managed service model
    • Documentum 6.7 OnDemand
    • Captiva 6.5 OnDemand
    • Document Sciences 4.1 On Demand
    • D2 3.1 and Global Services delivered OnDemand now
  • Demo of xCP 2.0, GreenPlum, and Document Sciences working together using xCP 2.0 as the front end. Showing how the app is made within the xCP and DocSci builder applications.
  • Documentum 7 (D7) GA Q4, Limited Q3. Foundation of xCP 2.0
    • 8x TCO Improvement
    • Private-Cloud optimized
  • Captiva 7.0, Unified Operator UI, Unified Designer, Improved Classification (2H 2012)
  • Demo of Syncplicity
    • Provisioned an account for Jeetu in demo
    • Admin can act on user behalf (missing from most comparable apps)
    • Has activity streams to supplement folder navigation
    • Jeetu lost network connection, so this is live demo
    • Has remote wipe feature for any of the devices (Generally want for entire device, but app specific is good) Can remote wipe by device, all devices for a user, and by folder.

Not sure what is next. May be a good time to track me down. Will likely end up in the Bloggers Lounge. There are espressos there. Maybe a triple.


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