EMC’s 2012 Documentum Developer Conference

As I mentioned last month, EMC finally decided to hold a developer conference again. It is currently taking place in the form of focused tech training, but yesterday was the overview day. I was there for the evening events to get a feel for how things had gone.

imageOverall, I heard good things. Jeroen van Rotterdam was there to actually speak on the Next Generation Information Server (NGIS). Lee Dallas and Mike Mohen was also in attendance. For those that don’t know Mike, he is the host of the always popular DFS Real World Examples and Best Practices sessions at EMC World. In fact, the quality of the speakers was pretty good and the only negative thing I heard was that there was only one day of individual sessions.

When people want more of everything, that is a pretty good thing. The EMC people were sitting around at the end of the day thinking about what to do for the next one. That is a very good indicator for the Documentum developers that make the systems work.

Did Someone Ask for Notes?

While I was only there for the social at the end of the day, a couple former colleagues of mine from Washington Consulting, Inc. were in attendance. One, Anand Alagappa, took some notes that I convinced him to share. When reading his notes, keep in mind that as he took them that he hadn’t planned on anyone reading them besides himself. I also seem to recall him running out of battery power at some point as well.

If you have any questions , please comment and we’ll see what we can do to clarify things.

One more note, I heard that xCP 2.0 is slated for the fall of 2012. I think applies to D7 as well, but that wasn’t explicitly stated.

Note, these are notes and may have errors. Any release dates may change at any time.

Lee Dallas spoke about partner certification program, EMC xCP certification paths. (Welcome and Partner Program)

Jeroen VanRotterdam, Chief Architect EMC Information Intelligence Group

Mentioned about his blog www.emccrazycontent.com

Journey to Cloud

    • On demand

Pervasive Governance

  • Unified and simple ediscovery
  • Trust in the cloud

Business transformation

  • Captiva
  • xPression

Now Available:

  • D2 interface v3.1
  • Mobile iPad interface v1.1

2H 2012

  • D2 v4.0
  • Mobile v1.2
  • xPression v4.5
  • Captiva v7.0

D2 new Documentum client

  • Shorten implementation cycles
  • Easily configured to respond to the needs of the user

Documentum mobile client

  • Available on apple app store
  • Collaborate with co-workers while on the road
  • Secure access to enterprise info

D2. Configuration matrix

  • D2 is basically a targeted rules engine
  • Customizations are expensive
  • Better UI experience

D2 3.1 available now

D2 4.0 ui changing

D2 – COTS client – configured ECM

  • Sop management
  • Agency collaboration
  • Contract management

xCP – Custom applications

  • Loan origination
  • Hr on boarding
  • New account opening

D2 is the unified client for static applications Rich media and collaboration

  • CenterStage & eRoom entitled to D2 v4.1 (2013)

Webtop upgrade path to xCP application (from coded to composed) Or from customized to configured ( D2 bundle / D2 premium / D2 standard)

[Editor: Deleted block of notes that didn’t make much sense]

Journey to the cloud

  • EMC on demand architecture
  • Vcube manager
  • Vcube – managed by EMC experts

Kazeon – file intelligence and eDiscovery v4.6 Universal connectivity Handle social media Unified discovery of content in disparate repos

Xplore enterprise search

  • Full text
  • Meta data – XML based
  • Security xacml
  • Facet computation – modified lucene
  • Predictive Analytics – hidden

Advanced search core components

Ui server cloud services

Client components – JSON and REST

  • Rest is like build a new API
  • Formalizing data model of Documentum
  • Building XML schemas for data model
  • xMS (xCelerated MAnagement System) radical change in deployment

Next presentation by Chief architect IIG pro services (don’t know his name) [Editor: It is Mike Mohen]

DFS – extjs, flex , adobe pro, filenet, sharepoint

IIG integration trends

WSDL on decline, REST is more in demand Custom portals More demand for XA, JTA More security options

  • SAML and kerberos
  • Open social is a standard

JPA/ hibernate interfaces with contents services

DFS JMeter testing harness

At this point, my battery was dying and I just listened to the presentations:

There was a presentation on D2 by a EMC senior systems engineer

  • Showed a D2 demo
  • Showed how The client application created from the spreadsheet-style configuration services

xCp 2.0 Presentation by ….[Editor: Dan Ciruli]

  • There will be only one tool (probably will be name xCp Designer) to build process, forms (extjs)
  • Everything will be build offline and deployed to the application server and docbase (a single war file, which will have dar)
  • the generated files on app server is based on spring framework
  • No Structured data types while building process
  • Package attributes are available and so no process mapping (Not sure how the reporting works without SDTs ….)
  • Talked about creating relationships between object types (one to one, one to many, many to one) as opposed to one to one relationship between object types in xcp 1.5
  • No new development on Process Analyser and it is given to a EMC partner (forgot name) for development
  • Process simulator…end of life

After this – there was a presentation on Records Manager

  • What is a record, formal records
  • How records are created, retention policys applied, file plans created (brief overview)

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