EMC World 2012: Rick Devenuti’s Documentum Keynote

Now for the big session, the Documentum keynote. I keep hearing promises of big things. I’ll be happy with consistency and advancement of last year’s strategy. I never expect immediate turn-around from any established company. If they are still on track, I’ll be happy.


  • Jeetu Patel, CSO and CMO, takes the stage first
  • Rick, the President, is taking the stage after the announcements
  • Attendence approaching 1000 (lower than pre-EMC levels but increase over recent years)
  • (Not a lot new so far, which isn’t a bad thing given the topics)
  • Talking about xCP and Greenplum together, real-time analytics
  • New graphics, same message (good)
    • New User
    • Cloud
    • Pervasive Governance
    • Transform
  • Said eRoom. (Didn’t imagine it, I checked??? Maintenance release likely but not confirmed)
  • Documentum D2 4.0
    • Drag and drop creation
    • configurable workspaces
    • Widgets like Twitter and Google
    • Configuration means agile development
  • Adding IRM to Documentum Mobile App v1.2 for both iPad and iPhone to improve security of documents
  • Brought John O’Meila to stage
    • Beginning to role out Services created solutions on EMC OnDemand
    • Life Science focus
      • D2 “grew-up” in Life Science industry
      • Building suite of Life Science solutions, 1st is Quality Manufacturing
      • Electronic submission coming
      • All on EMC OnDemand
  • Five vertical focus for products: Public Sector, Life Sciences, Energy, Healthcare, and Financial Services
  • Tension between the New User and need for Governance
  • Acquired Syncplicity for enterprise synch and share (Box and Dropbox competitor? Research time)
    • Includes remote wipe and encryption
    • Increasing trial from 30 days to 90 days in booth 527
  • Want to be place where Productivity meets trust

Expo center is next. See you there.


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