EMC World 2009: Deep Dive with Content Services for SharePoint

Erin Samuels is going to be presenting on the other half of the SharePoint offering.  Andrew was going to speak, but everyone voted against it due to the potential lawsuit after the abuse he doled out yesterday. He is present and will probably speak despite our best efforts.

  • Designed for SharePoint users, not Documentum users
  • Requires the most recent versions of SharePoint, 2007 and WSS 3.0.
  • Create a specific Document Library
    • Documentum Library web part
    • Multiple Library support
    • Search Web Part for search direct into Documentum, but only Documentum at this point
  • Built upon DFS 6.5 sp1 and the.NET productivity layer
  • Will work with 5.3 Content Server as dealing with basic connectivity
  • Security is done with SSO
    • Uses Kerberos
    • If you don’t have Active Directory, will need to have a session controlled that requires user authentication (Most SharePoint people use AD so no biggie)
  • Goal is not to rebuild every Documentum application in SharePoint, partners will deliver some of that, like DCM
  • Farm compatible installer for the Web Parts
  • Uses SharePoint nomenclature and not Documentum terms
    • Download a Copy is Export
    • Copy to Other Location is Copy within Documentum
    • Email a Link sends a DRL without requiring Webtop
    • Alerts are Documentum Notifications, email only
    • Rendition functionality is in there
  • Virtual Document support – no assemblies or snapshots
  • No inbox or workflow yet, debate on BPM support which requires WDK vs normal Workflow which some want more
  • Shows Documentum properties and not SharePoint properties
  • Lifecycle support
  • Search UI is currently fixed, but will be customizable down the road.
  • Going to work to get joint search from the single search screen, have to make it configurable to make it relevant to the user
  • To use the Search box, get the Microsoft Indexing Connector for Documentum for MOSS 2007 and will update for SharePoint 2010
  • Can show properties as per Data Dictionary and through an Advanced ECM Configuration
  • Does not configure presets as it at the WDK level
  • Can set column headers for the Library
  • Can set the start path for the library so the users can start and go down, not up or over.
  • Can disable Lifecycles and other features if desired to simplify for users
  • No Roadmap, a survey, but a good interactive survey

FOOD!!! Have to skip the My Documentum PAF in order to visit the rest of the vendors I need to talk to before the show ends today.


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