EMC World 2008: Documentum Architecture Deep Dive

This is, hopefully, a continuation of yesterdays architecture post. Let’s hope Victor Spivak remembers.

  • It is going to be a lot of repeat. Only taking notes on new information. (Look here for more Architecture notes.)
  • All new clients mentioned previously are all DFS based, not WDK-based.
  • Can morph lightweight sysobjects back into heavy weight sysobjects, but you can’t take sysobjects that were always heavy into lightweight. (You could probably write a migration application that will do it effectively.)
  • In D6.5, UCF has High-latency network support
    • Reduce Chattiness
    • Parallel downloading
    • Improved UCF Init cycle
    • Application streaming
    • Implementation for .NET (6.5 sp1)
  • BOCS cache encryption in D6.5
  • Adding caching to ACS (helps with slow storage)
  • HTTP byte ranges support (PDF viewers) in BOCS 6.5
  • D6 DFC is 20-40% faster than equivalent DFC 5.3 because of Java DMCL
  • D7 and beyond
    • D7 Unified Logging and Tracing
    • Failover for Method server
    • Redundancy for ACS, JMS
    • Support restarting failed jobs and methods
    • Enable rolling upgrade of content server

Need to find coffee. Off to Summit Leaders Club.


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