EMC World 2008: Content Management and Archiving Keynote

I’ve got my coffee and I’m sitting in a beanbag getting ready for the CMA Keynote from Mark Lewis. Before I dive in, some random thoughts on the previous day.

  • Met with Lee Dallas and hung out for quite a while. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to meeting Marko.
  • Met Craig Randall. Unfortunately we were both pulled in different directions before we could set a time up to get a cold beverage and chat. One of my developers sat in one of his sessions and was impressed with his depth of knowledge.
  • For some reason, it feels like I won’t be able to attend all the sessions that I need to attend. I’d have to look, but I think there may be less
  • A Play the Cloud update. I have 25 connections at a strength of 27%. If you aren’t playing, jump in.

The Keynote

  • The CMA population is a little over 1500 at the conference. (Shame it feels hard to find each other amid all the other people.)
  • Whitney Tidmarsh, VP of Worldwide Marketing for CMA, is taking the stage. She is doing Flash demos for each section.
  • Advanced Forms in Q3, better data capture from images
  • Taskspace 6.5 in Q3, will include the business monitoring in the TaskSpace interface
  • Captiva and Document Sciences fully integrated in the Transactional Content Management line by Q4.
  • Essentials client is Social Networking (Magellen) (looks very cool)
    • They are starting with blogs, wikis and social ranking
    • Folksonomy and Mashups will come later
    • Mobile version will also come that will be location aware
    • coming in Q3 and is free as a beta (viral), server isn’t free
  • Offline working in Q3, “My Documentum”
  • Native integration into Outlook for next generation DCO in Q4
  • Enterprise client of Magellen in Q1 of 2009
  • New Web Publisher in Q3 with better caching
  • Media Workspace in Q3 (Looked very nice)
  • Full integration of DAM and Avalon in Q4
  • For focus areas anchored by XML
    • Web 2.0: Consumer Web Experience
    • Mining and Analytics: Contextual Environment
    • Virtualization: Information Integration
    • SOA / Solutions: Rapid time to Value
  • Software as a Service is part of their vision, delivering those four items.
    • Access your information everywhere

Mark ran over as usual. Time to head to the follow-on Architecture session with Victor. Looking forward to it as I have more questions.


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