EMC World 2008: Standards-Based Enterprise Content Management: The Future of ECM

Overheard a comment that lowered my hopes for this presentation. They are working on an ECM SOA standard with other vendors. Everything else is NDA, but we may hear something in September. Let’s see what Patricia Anderson from EMC will share.

  • A lot of talk on why we need ECM standards. (I’ve talked about this before.)
  • JSR-170/283 (Why ECM doesn’t support it and probably won’t)
    • Java-centric
    • Prescriptive data model with strict hierarchy of typed nodes
    • not easily layered on existing ECM systems
    • Session-based API, tight coupling
    • Not able to leverage Web 2.0 tech
  • WebDAV
    • Extends HTTP 1.1 protocol
    • Publishing on the web
    • Basic content services
  • Atom Publishing Protocol with Atom Syndication Format
    • HTTP-based protocol for publishing and updating web resources
    • simple
    • not hierarchical
  • They are trying to find a standard to support that does what is needed
    • Easy Mapping to existing ECM systems
    • Web 2.0
    • Scalable
    • SOA-based
  • Criteria
    • Platform independent
    • Web Services based (SOAP-based or REST-based)
    • Leverage existing infrastructures
    • Common Data Model and Core Functions
      • Uses CRUD methods (Create, Update, Retrieve, Delete)
      • Query and Full-text Search
      • folder Hierarchy
      • Versioning
  • (Already on examples, 13 minutes into the presentation)
  • Good reason for a standard, if an industry is to grow, it needs to be a discipline, which standards help to provide

Last session. Going to hang around the exhibit hall and see who I can find.


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