Conversational Collaboration at EMC

Thought I would let me next post on security in ECM percolate for another day and share something that Jed found. He found a second blog by Chuck Hollis chronicling EMC’s adoption of Social Media as an Enterprise 2.0 effort. The blog started in August, so I started reading there as Jed recommended. I’m going to chronicle my adventure through his blog.

These are posts that I found particularly insightful or useful. If you don’t have time to read the whole sequence, you can jump around.

  • Why Me?: Chuck starts with a simple introduction to himself, explaining why he is leading the initiative and his initial strategy in getting started. My favorite line is, I had to informally recruit (hijack!) a few people who were as passionate on this topic as I was becoming, especially during the formative stages. Having recently started leading a few initiatives in my own company, I like the accurate portrayal. The key is to recruit those that will contribute, but may have been hesitant to volunteer due to various reasons. I’m trying to make sure that they get credit and rewarded for that work so they are still willing in the future.

  • Guidelines For Creating A Community: This defines how to build a community. The first thing this reminds me of? The goals of some Knowledge Management initiatives several years ago. We were trying to do the same things with the lesser tools of the time.
  • Avoiding The eRoom Debacle: This isn’t a slam on eRoom. This is commentary on all Collaborative environments. Essentially, let people work together, but monitor to keep things manageable. The same rules apply to SharePoint, Lotus Notes, and Social Media suites.
  • What is Collaboration?: An interesting post on the differences between document and conversation centric collaboration. Right now it is a pick your poison kind of world. Pick your focus and go. His project picked conversation-centric, eliminating SharePoint and eRoom.
  • What the Market Needs: Chuck realizes that content created in their new collaboration environment needs to be part of the central ECM platform. If only there was an easy way to plug an interface into Documentum with minimal coding. DFS could do it, but with an ECM SOA standard, he’d already be done.
  • On Conversational Collaboration: Chuck talks more about Conversational Collaboration and how it is useful in the Enterprise. It is a good read in to the what of their approach and I think a good description behind the purpose behind Enterprise 2.0.

There is some repetition over the months regarding the goals, but that is in my blog as well. It is worth it to skim the blog as a whole for topics that appeal to you.

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  1. Hi Pie!

    Thanks for the review of my “other” blog. I am no expert on this stuff, but I thought it’d be interesting to capture the journey we were on, as others will surely follow at some point.

    Thanks again!


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