My First Content Management Application

I was having drinks with Cheryl McKinnon when she was in town a couple weeks ago when we started talking about DOCS Open. I used to work for Hummingbird before I ever saw Documentum, so it was a walk down memory lane for us (Cheryl arrived at Open Text through Hummingbird).

It got me thinking about people’s first Content Management application.  Like a first kiss, it always holds a special place in your heart.  So today I am going to reminisce about my first Content Management application…DOCS Open 3.5.x.

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The Challenge of CMIS

I started this to talk about some of the things out there, but there is sooo much that I am drawing the line. Kas is writing some good things on CMIS as he attempts to grok it.  Others, like Jon Marks, are grappling with CMIS as well. They raise some excellent points that probably deserve posts unto themselves. I find myself, today, focusing on the more immediate and of the more “outside-the-box” thoughts.

Updates and Announcements

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