My Floating Head on the EMC Developer Network

Have you ever read my blog and wondered what I sound like in normal conversation?  Have you looked at the new EMC Developer Network and you weren’t sure where to start?  Want to solve all the problems in the ECM world by starting to document our Design Patterns?

Are you in luck!  Alan Z and the crew over at the EDN patiently waited while I filmed myself talking to space and put together a quick little video explaining how we can start working together to capture our Design Patterns.  This video focuses on some content in the Documentum portion of the EDN, but this approach can work for capturing any knowledge in the EDN.

So go out there and start adding content.  I’m sure the EDN team will reward heavy contributors to the Design Patterns.  I know I will owe a debt of gratitude to the heavy contributors and I will pay-off that debt at the next conference.  More importantly, do it to help each other.  Set an example for others.  Even if you add one fact to the process, that is a fact that someone will need that nobody else may know.

Let’s go people.  Time to become more than just implementers.

The New Developer Network and ECM Design Patterns

It has been a while since my last real post.  It hasn’t been for lack of things to talk about, I’ve just been extremely busy.  I am still behind on things, but I can see the light and this is a topic that just won’t wait.

One of the things that I’ve set as a goal is to build a better, stronger community for Documentum experts.  This isn’t just for developers, or only a place to go to ask questions.  It is building a sense that we are all in this together.  For those that haven’t noticed, the EMC Developer Network recently went through the promised upgrade into a tool that will allow us to build that Documentum Community.

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The Future of Documentum Security in the SOA World

A month or so ago, I asked people to post questions that I would try and get answered at EMC World. Every question had to do with security. Unfortunately, I was unable to track down all the right people to ask the right questions in a timely fashion. Part of this was my fault as I didn’t keep on top of the questions that I had promised to get answered. There was one situation where I was told by person X that I needed to talk to person Y. The irony was that I had spend half an hour the previous night socializing with person Y, never realizing that I should ask that question and I never saw person Y again.

So if I don’t answer your question, I didn’t ask it and I am sorry. If it is any consolation, I didn’t get all of my questions answered either. So to Robin, no idea about the future of Common Criteria certification. James, I neglected to ask about about Ounce Labs and static code testing as a whole (whenever I remembered the question, I was invariably talking to a marketing person and not one of the product managers).

I would like to thank all the product managers for patiently letting me ask my questions repeatedly until we were sure that we were talking about the same thing. I also want to thank Craig Randall for all the time that he spent with me during the conference, and later via email. He was very helpful and worked with me to more fully understand my business scenarios. He successfully directed me to the correct product managers to give the scenarios to directly. Now I am bothering them, leaving Craig to talk about more relaxing topics (at least until my next hard question).

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ECM Design Patterns

Recently, the EMC Developer Network has started posting some “Design Patterns”. I use the term loosely to mirror their terminology. Each “pattern” is really just a quick description of the problem and two approaches to solve the problem. It is all very high level.

Before I get any further, kudos to them for actually taking the time to begin developing these “patterns”, starting last fall. There is a definite need, and their choices for the first two are ones that are encountered quite frequently, at least by myself. All I am doing here is offering some feedback, most of which I have already shared.

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Participating in the EMC Developer Network

Over the last few months, the EMC Developer Network has been starting the process of trying to build a community. They’ve recently added forums and are working at getting members of the Documentum community to not only write articles, but to comment upon them. Alan Zenreich, the main man behind the curtain at the Developer Network, is working to increase member involvement beyond just a few individuals.

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