My Floating Head on the EMC Developer Network

Have you ever read my blog and wondered what I sound like in normal conversation?  Have you looked at the new EMC Developer Network and you weren’t sure where to start?  Want to solve all the problems in the ECM world by starting to document our Design Patterns?

Are you in luck!  Alan Z and the crew over at the EDN patiently waited while I filmed myself talking to space and put together a quick little video explaining how we can start working together to capture our Design Patterns.  This video focuses on some content in the Documentum portion of the EDN, but this approach can work for capturing any knowledge in the EDN.

So go out there and start adding content.  I’m sure the EDN team will reward heavy contributors to the Design Patterns.  I know I will owe a debt of gratitude to the heavy contributors and I will pay-off that debt at the next conference.  More importantly, do it to help each other.  Set an example for others.  Even if you add one fact to the process, that is a fact that someone will need that nobody else may know.

Let’s go people.  Time to become more than just implementers.

2 thoughts on “My Floating Head on the EMC Developer Network

  1. Great video! I need to start contributing to EDN again, this new wiki content submission really opens up EDN.

    By the way, what program did you use for your screen capture and editing? nice job.


  2. All I did was the video of my talking head using the software that came with my webcam. They did the screenshot additions and threw my head into the corner of the video.


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