The Domain of The Word

I have finally broken down and purchased a domain for my quaint little endeavor.  I am now at  No need to rush and change all of your links though.  The old links will redirect you appropriately.  This is sort of my way of dedicating myself more thoroughly to writing the Word.

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Global Piece of Pie

Thanks to the Big Men, I have added a new, somewhat interesting, feature to the Word of Pie. It is a map showing where readers are located. This new map, over on the right, is a little feature of ClustrMaps and is providing me with lots of fun data. If you click on it, you’ll be taken to a larger view.

After almost a week, I have learned this much:

  • I have readers on every continent except Antarctica.
  • My southern-most readers are in Chile, South Africa, and New Zealand (the winner I think)
  • Outside of the US, the most hits in a country are the UK, India, and a few other countries in Western Europe hidden under the large red dots.
  • Most surprising location? Central China (Yinchuan?) Cape Town in South Africa and Mashhad(?), Iran were close seconds.
  • Most surprising non-hit? Ireland. Only after looking at the European coverage did it stick out.

Going to reset the map occasionally, though I am not sure how often. It is going to be a little toy for a while.