Global Piece of Pie

Thanks to the Big Men, I have added a new, somewhat interesting, feature to the Word of Pie. It is a map showing where readers are located. This new map, over on the right, is a little feature of ClustrMaps and is providing me with lots of fun data. If you click on it, you’ll be taken to a larger view.

After almost a week, I have learned this much:

  • I have readers on every continent except Antarctica.
  • My southern-most readers are in Chile, South Africa, and New Zealand (the winner I think)
  • Outside of the US, the most hits in a country are the UK, India, and a few other countries in Western Europe hidden under the large red dots.
  • Most surprising location? Central China (Yinchuan?) Cape Town in South Africa and Mashhad(?), Iran were close seconds.
  • Most surprising non-hit? Ireland. Only after looking at the European coverage did it stick out.

Going to reset the map occasionally, though I am not sure how often. It is going to be a little toy for a while.

2 thoughts on “Global Piece of Pie

  1. Its a nice feature and am using in one of my blogs for the past 3 years ( The funniest part is it points people accessing it over the oceans. I don’t think there were any IPs assigned for that region (The DNS gateways are may be spoofing the IP database).

    Articles that relate to Geographic IP Mapping and references:

    I came across a implementation in Java that does the Geographic IP mapping but I don’t recall. The algorithm would require the IP/DNS/ISP gateway (to get the best match) and the GeoIP database to narrow down the location.

    This is a nice feature and websites target ads based on the location (Location Based Services), already many websites started Geo-Targeting the clients


  2. Are you trying to make me jealous on purpose, as you jolly well know only 5 people read my blog, and your one of them !



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