The Domain of The Word

I have finally broken down and purchased a domain for my quaint little endeavor.  I am now at  No need to rush and change all of your links though.  The old links will redirect you appropriately.  This is sort of my way of dedicating myself more thoroughly to writing the Word.

  • Email:  I now have an email address for you to send me messages: email
  • New Map: I am starting to measure more metrics.  The first step is starting over with my map.  Read on for some basic thoughts about the old map.

The Readers of Pie

Last June I started tracking where people where reading my blog.  Check this map out (image through January 13, 2009):


I’m sure that many of the smaller hits (1-10) are people that were surprised at where they ended up. If you click on the map, you can see the country breakdown.  Handing out some basic awards:

  • Top Non-US Country: India, let’s face it, with EMC/Documentum based in the US, letting them qualify is unfair.
  • Favorite Place I’d Rather Be: Netherlands Antilles, I love Sint Maarten.
  • Most Surprising: Iran, I set a minimum of double digit hits.  It was a little arbitrary, but I am surprised by the volume of middle east hits as a whole.

Where was the strangest place you ever hit my blog from, intentionally or not?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Let’s see what happens now with the counts.  If you get to the Netherlands Antilles, send me a pity hit.  Thanks.