CMIS has Arrived, Demo Anyone?

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=finish+line+olympics&iid=1345446″ src=”e/3/3/a/Olympics_Day_8_e351.jpg?adImageId=12737081&imageId=1345446″ width=”380″ height=”262″ /]The news today?  CMIS is now an official standard! I’m pretty stoked about the whole thing.  When I started this blog, after I got through my initial list of topics, it was the desire for a SOA-based standard for ECM that provided the desire.  Now that my desire has been met, almost three years later, what will I do for inspiration?

Simple, push for CMIS 2.0! In all seriousness, that is a post for another day. I want to focus on the actual release of the standard and the Demo where you can see it in action.

Stage One Complete

I’m not going to say “Mission Accomplished” for many, MANY, reasons.  I am going to say that I am pretty happy with the progress and would like to savor progress for a few days.  74 companies voted for the standard, making for 23% acceptance (15% is the minimum required).

John Newton wrote a blog post about his Irrational Exuberance on CMIS.  It is a great post for anyone with doubts to read.  I don’t think his exuberance is irrational.  While the future of CMIS is not carved in stone, I think the forward momentum is great.

  • Alfresco has a supported release for CMIS, their Community Edition 3.3.  Support for the Enterprise Edition is planned for this month.
  • EMC has announced that their latest early release candidate is the actual release candidate.  CMIS will be part of the core platform in their 6.7 release at the end of this year.
  • Microsoft announced that the CMIS Connector for SharePoint will ship as part of the SharePoint Administrator Toolkit by the end of June 2010.  This will include using SharePoint as both a consumer and supplier of content.
  • Day Software has announced their release of CRX 2.1 with full CMIS support.

Other official announcements are likely to follow quickly now that CMIS 1.0 is final.

For more information, check out the recent post AIIM 2010 CMIS article on Fierce Content Management and my 8 Things You Need to Know About CMIS article on AIIM’s Digital Landfill.

Want to See CMIS in Action?

STOP!!!  This is more than just a plug for you to play with the demo.  I am offering you a chance to download the code and play with it yourself.  You can even point to repositories that weren’t officially supported for the demo

Here is what you need:

  • Object Model: This is a spreadsheet that describes the object model. This is what each vendor used.
  • Source Code: This is Visual Studio 2008 project (you can try and see how it works in VisStudio 2010 trail).  All of the code is in C#.  I have removed the host servers and the authentication information from the CMISCalls.cs file, but if you look in the setConnectionInformation method, you can see where you need to go.  Note that if you want to add a sixth repository, you will need to make edits in the DefaultSearch.aspx.cs file.  If you try that and need help, leave me a comment.
  • Documentum DAR File: This is the object model for the Documentum repository.  Just load it up and away you go.  You can get Developer Edition for free and then download CMIS separately.

If any of the vendors wish to make their repository that was used for the CMIS demo publicly known for everyone to use, please leave the necessary information in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “CMIS has Arrived, Demo Anyone?

  1. Grats Pie! I know this has been a huge project for you, and I look forward to seeing this take off in the industry.


  2. I like CMIS, but I’m still adopting my curmudgeony attitude for a while… it’s a great standard for vertical applications, but not so much for end-users… Nevertheless, it makes sense that the burden of proof should be on skeptics like me from now on. But, that’s a role I’m very comfortable with 😉


  3. Ivan Ivanov says:

    The CMIS connector is available as part of the SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit. But I did not manage to find in Internet any example of its usage in C# code. Is there any possibility to add the “Microsoft” vendor to the existing CMIS demo?


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