EMC World 2009: Integrating EMC xPression Customer Communications with Documentum

Document Sciences was bought by EMC a few years back and they have had a fairly solid Component Content Management system.  Todd Lauinger who came over with the acquisition, is going to provide a technical overview. Hoping to learn a few tricks.

  • Customer Communications must be:
    • Customized – specific to the customer and the interaction or transaction
    • Regulated – professional, appropriate, and lawfully compliant
    • Automated – minimize cost and reduce human error
    • Personalized -tailored to the recipient and the situation
    • Efficiently produced & delivered -use electronic media or optimized print
    • Archived and indexed- securely stored and easy to find
  • Content is created in Documentum, turned into  actual pieces of communication by xPression, and then the result is stored in the Content Repository
  • Document Design applications
    • xPresso for Word, InDesign, and Dreamweaver
    • xDesign independent applications
  • Currently stores data in own database, but will be stored in Documentum down the road
  • Caches content for processing in order to get high-volume performance
  • Can to live communications and also large batches with xBatch product
  • Provides Web Services for created communications
  • Design-Time Integration
    • Store xPresso document template source files in Documentum
    • Browse Documentum for content to link or embed into xPression document templates.
  • Run-Time Integration
    • TaskSpace Activity Templates for xPression document production, including xPression document generation in Documentum workflows
    • Automated archival into Documentum
      • Store documents in dynamic folder structures
      • Pass document generation data into the object attributes
      • Automatically trigger workflows once they are stored.
  • Lots of configuration options, which seems solid

Off to the bloggers lounge, caffeine, before I head to the xDB session.


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