The Source Code from the AIIM iECM CMIS Demo

I’ve been promising this for a while, but it is finally available.  I had all these plans, but I decided to just get the code out for everyone as I seem to keep getting busy.  You can tell that the code was written to work and not to be supported.  All you critics can relax, I know already.

Before I go any further, I want to thank Craig Randall for his sample application that helped me get started. That application is also available on the EDN as well. Read his write-up, Consuming CMIS WSDL in Visual Studio and then go to the EDN for his code.

I also want to thank Thomas Pole for helping to write the User Interface, design the object model,  and leading AIIM’s efforts around iECM and CMIS in general.  Some of the code you will see is his.

The AIIM iECM CMIS Demo code is currently hosted on the EMC Developer Network.  Registration is free, and they have a new Documentum Developer Edition which is also free, so check it out. Down the road this code will also be place in a vendor-neutral location.

I’ll be at EMC World co-presenting on CMIS, so feel free to stop by and talk to me about the demo or anything else for that matter.

The Links

Here are some important links, including the one to the download.

The Notes

This is just a cut-and-paste of the notes regarding the demo.  You can read this directly on the EDN as well when you go to download the code.  Enjoy.

Attached are all the files you need to get a copy of the AIIM iECM Demo working. As it is configured, it will work against the public Alfresco and Nuxeo sites as well as a local Documentum installation.  It is setup to work against the CMIS v0.50 specification.

For more information on how this system was developed, read my post on How the iECM CMIS Demo for the AIIM Conference was Made. You can also see me co-present on the topic of CMIS at EMC World or watch the recorded webinar on CMIS that I did with Alfresco.  You can find out more information on CMIS here at the EDN or on my blog Word of Pie.

If you don’t have a Documentum system, try the new Documentum Developer Edition.

Updates will be posted over time to match the current standard.  CMIS 0.61c will be the next version supported by this code.  You can currenlty utilize the current version online at the AIIM iECM Demo Site.


  • The “” file has the Visual Studio 2008 project. It was written in C#.
  • \CMIS_Demo directory has the locally run project
  • \iECM-CMIS-Expo-Demo directory has the IIS Deployable project
  • SecurityMessageInspector handles the Web Services sercurity and is based heavily on code from Craig Randall of EMC.  His original sample project can be found here in the EDN.
  • The web.config file lists the existing services definitions and passwords. To change any of the destination URLs, do a global Search and Replace across all the files in the project.
    • Service URLs can be found in the web.config file by search for #AIIM_Services
    • Passwords can be found in the web.config file by searching for #AIIM_Passwords
  • The existing hosts are:
  • You cannot retrieve content from the Nuxeo repository as this service is unavailable
  • The “iECM CMIS POC.dar” file contains an installable Documentum application that installs the aiim_content type and some sample content to search against.
  • The “Object Model.xls” file explains the deployed object model.

If you have any problems or questions, leave a comment, track me down at EMC World, or contact me through my blog.

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