10 Things About Pie

Well, Kas Thomas stealth-tagged me with the 10-things meme.  I did this just over a year ago, but I thought I would go ahead and reply with 10 things about me that aren’t ECM related.  I wrote all ten of these without referring to my last list.  The scary part, the last item is exactly the same.

  1. Dude! My father was career U.S. Navy and I spent most of my youth in Virginia Beach. I refer to people by “Dude” on a regular basis. If you hear me use that term, then you know I am out of “work mode” and pretty relaxed.
  2. War Eagle! I went to Auburn University down in Alabama.  To say I am a rabid fan of the football, American, team is like saying the Sahara is going through a drought.
  3. Check. I love to play chess. I’m only okay. I can beat all but of my friends regularly (and he lives 700+ miles away).  In the wider world of chess, I am, at best, adequate.
  4. Don’t touch that dial! While I was at Auburn, the Golden Eagle, Tiger, stayed in my apartment for one week until the management found out. She would watch the television and my roommate tilted the TV so she could see better.
  5. What’s in a name? The name Pie has nothing to do with food or the mathematical number pi. More I cannot say.
  6. Gooooaaallll!!! I watched every match of the 1994 World Cup.  Keep in mind that I was taking a full slate of classes in college, had no VCR, and was living in Alabama at the time.  Since then, aside from the one in Korea, I’ve seen a vast majority of matches in each World Cup.
  7. Play Ball!!! I love baseball.  My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves and my favorite players are Dale Murphy, Hank Aaron, Lou Gehrig, and Tom Glavine.
  8. I am married with two boys. I want nothing more for them to be happy with their lives. Oh, and one of them going to Auburn would be pretty darn cool.
  9. I am intent on seeing the best 50 movies of all time.  As nobody can agree, I have a list of 280+ movies, of which I have seen 89% and counting.
  10. When I grow up, I want to be a history professor.

I’m going to follow Kas’s lead and not directly tag people.  I am going to hope to see Johnny and Lee add to this. I would have mentioned Jed, Jesse, Craig, Bex, or Billy, but as you can see, they have already gone through this particular exercise and given good answers.

Enjoy. My next post won’t be so list oriented. At least I can’t think why it would.

5 thoughts on “10 Things About Pie

  1. Great to see you do this; glad to learn more about you. I have a love-hate relationship with the Braves due to their unfortunate habit of beating the Mets so frequently. My idol is/was Julio Franco (for being so close in age to me!), and of course Tom Glavine is absolutely great.

    Where’s the list of 280+ movies? Do you have a link?


  2. I only saw this now (after enjoying lots of your other posts). We’ve got a fair bit in common. I use “Dude” far too often, but normally in serious mode. I’m a massive chess fan, but also only adequate in the wider scheme of things. And I’m also a sports freak, but I’d have to swap American Football for Rugby and Baseball for Cricket. They aren’t that different in principle. You’re also a whole lot better at predicting ECM aquisitions than I am.

    10 Things About Me.


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