EMC World 2008: ECM Shared Services in the Real World

It came down to this and creating applications in TaskSpace. I figured that since this was panel oriented, it would be more important to actually be present for this presentation. It was harder when you realized that this isn’t technical and more business-oriented.

  • This is a DocuLabs presentation. As many of you have read, they firmly believe that SharePoint and ECM solutions need to work together.
  • DocuLabs brought a couple of clients to the show.
    • T-Mobile, James
    • ABN-AMRO, Francis van de Larrschot
  • Their vision is Documentum as the plumbing and the system of record with the users interacting directly in SharePoint.
  • We are 10 minutes into the session without a projector. The presenter is still holding out for the projector, but he is running out of improv. That is kinda sad as most of his improv is very sales oriented.
  • Lance Shaw, good guy, from EMC just appearred with a man carrying a projector. Maybe this won’t be a waste of an hour.
  • Shared Services has 4 components:
    • Program Organization (Structure and Strategic)
    • Information Organization (Structure and Tactical)
    • Communitcaiton and Marketing (Execution and Strategic)
    • Services and Support Delivery Model (Execution and Tactical)
  • He is big on the ECM Program (Having a program consisting of projects is a great approach). This can also take the form of a Center of Excellence.
  • Suggests only exposing the features that a particular solution needs, not everything. This is Solution Packaging of the technology.
  • Need to sell ECM to the organization through the key business owners, not by IT.
  • 50% of ECM projects fail, but not because of the technology. It is the implementation. Not enough investment in the processes and people. (Going open-source doesn’t solve this either).
  • Usage Pattern Scenario
    • Simple Library Services: checkin/checkout/search…basic productivity
    • Process-driven Document Workflow: Correspondence Management
    • Litigation/Compliance Support: Records Management/eDiscovery
    • Image Capture and Indexing
  • Need to build Service and Support level. Not everything needs to be 99.999% live. Many times 99.9% is more than sufficient. More up-time costs more money (Going global hurts that because it is always noon somewhere). Let the internal customers pick the one that they need based upon cost.
  • Use all of this to put a charge-back model together. It includes the cost per solution and sevice level. Based upon users in presentation, but after I asked, he mentioned that it could be by transaction level, aka volume and storage.
  • Lance Shaw looks like the session sponsor/babysitter for this topic. Bummer, I stayed here to hear him talk.
    • Started small and grew. Initiate >Embed>Transform
    • Had over 32 groups in-house that needed scanning and basic library services.
    • Same solution, license cost stays down
    • Hadn’t planned to replace systems but to provide new solutions.
    • Three phases: Pre-Sales, Core Services delivery, After-Sales service (Support)
    • Each region has own infrastructure and implementation team
    • Lessons:
      • Scope it
      • Management buy-in
      • Communications (Always a problem in large projects. This helps to reduce the political problems)
      • Building a pipeline: space the services out and make sure that you are building out what you are “selling”
      • Supply Chain Control: keep track of your resources, many may be external and keep everything sligned
      • Trail blazing: Need good project management, risk management, and strong leadership focus
      • Start with the end in mind: Have a well defined vision and missionand a clear view of the end ‘product’ is essential
  • T-Mobile
    • Don’t give users the technology they want, give them the solution. They may ask for SharePoint, but what they need is a collaboration or portal platform.
    • It is about working with the customers
    • Setup a 2-3 year roadmap.
    • ECM can be part of the implementation of a larger project. A good ECM system will help with your SAP implementation. (ECM is part of your infrastructure).
  • I need more coffee


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