ECM World 2008: Keynote and Random thoughts

So I am sitting in the Summit Leader’s Club Lounge (Going to be here quite a bit as this is where the coffee was hiding), and about to overhear the keynote. Not going to pay 100% attention as this is a good time to get some work done. However, let’s see if Joe Tucci can grab my attention.

  • Charity rocks. They have set-up a giving center for the victims of the China Earthquake. EMC is going to match all individual contributions during the conference. You can make a contribution in the Cyber Cafe.
  • Some of the sessions will be available on YouTube.
  • Lots on the incredible growth of data in the world. I already new this. It keeps me employed.
  • New “focus” is Information Infrastructure. (This is the same basic thing as Transparent ECM).

Nothing else seems to be grabbing my attention. Going to either Building Composite Applications with Documentum Process Suite or the CSC SharePoint presentation next. Leaning to the BPM one as it looks more technical.


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