Secure ECM Systems

In my earlier post, I called James out on his post, which was a fairly biased statement about EMC’s testing for security, or lack thereof. In my post, I pointed out that the security warning did not warrant such an attack. I tried to point out that James wasn’t necessarily wrong in his statements, just that he didn’t provide any evidence that backed them up. He criticized their proactive efforts when the source material calls for a reactive effort.

Well, James replied to me in two subsequent posts. The first post endeavored to teach me about the importance of testing for security in systems proactively. It wasn’t a lesson that I needed, having heard of the SQL Injection attack back in the 90s as a weakness in ASP applications (or at least an attack that was fairly similar). Being aware of these issues, I’ve make a point of controlling what a user can do in interfaces.

His points are valid though, so I wanted to take time to talk about them. This is my first post in a series addressing the points he brings up. So if I don’t address something now, don’t worry it’ll come.

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Regulating Fair Use

My original post on Fair Use and Original Thought had some interesting bits of things fall out of that. The first, and foremost, was the complete dissolution of the offending blog. The other is the appearance of a new graphic on my, and several other, blogs.

Regarding the Recently Departed

The blog that I referred to is now gone. I can find a small cached version through Google, but it is no more. The writer claimed to be an employee of EMC, but some EMC people I know failed to find them in their Global Address List. Who knows at this point? I did determine that every single post, except the first A Message to All Viewers was copied from another blog.

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