Regulating Fair Use

My original post on Fair Use and Original Thought had some interesting bits of things fall out of that. The first, and foremost, was the complete dissolution of the offending blog. The other is the appearance of a new graphic on my, and several other, blogs.

Regarding the Recently Departed

The blog that I referred to is now gone. I can find a small cached version through Google, but it is no more. The writer claimed to be an employee of EMC, but some EMC people I know failed to find them in their Global Address List. Who knows at this point? I did determine that every single post, except the first A Message to All Viewers was copied from another blog.

I notified the original authors when I discovered the massive plagiarism, and about 12 hours later, the blog was gone. The post list is interesting and I am sharing the original array of posts in the order that they where originally copied.

An useful collection. I was copied twice. I don’t know whether I should be complimented or doubly offended.

Creative Commons

Just like there are different licensing schemes for Open-Source software, there is a place where you can gray-scale your copyright for your blog. I was reserving all my rights and I listed how I envisioned fair use of what I wrote. After seeing a couple of fellow bloggers, Jed and Troy, make use of the Creative Commons license, I decided to follow suit.

It is pretty easy to do so. All that is required is to determine how many of your copyright rights do you want to reserve by default. I looked for one that I would be comfortable with at all times and selected Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. If you check the list, it is more restrictive than most. However, if someone was going to charge others to see what I had done, I wanted to know about it.

This has been an interesting trip through the blogsphere. Now I can hopefully return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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  1. Pie – Thanks for bringing this to my attention… its quite schocking! I am going to look into copyright as well for my blog… thanks for the pointers on that.



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