The Great Movie List of Pie

Not the post I meant to throw up here today, but life is funny that way. A month ago, I wrote a post entitled 10 Things About Pie. Item 9 was as follows:

I am intent on seeing the best 50 movies of all time.  As nobody can agree, I have a list of 280+ movies, of which I have seen 89% and counting.

Kas Thomas asked if I could post a link to the list.  I promised him that I would.  Well it took a month, but I have uploaded the Movie List of Pie.  It is an Excel spreadsheet, uploaded to Google Docs, that I use to track the movies I have watched.  I took all my scores out, but I have seen 252 of the 282 movies on that list.  Feel free to Export and score yourself. If you have to think about if you have seen a movie, you probably need to watch the movie again.

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