Fresh Start with Alfresco

After announcing my departure from AIIM yesterday, today I start my next adventure. As you can tell from the title, it is with Alfresco. That still leaves open a lot of questions.

  • Why Alfresco?
  • What will Pie be doing at Alfresco?
  • Won’t having Pie working with Peter Monks be a bit odd?

I shall take time to answer them all. I will also answer the Why isn’t Pie taking any time off? question. That one is simple. I am very excited and I wanted to get started as soon as possible.


I’ve been wanting to work with a vendor for quite some time. Of course, it couldn’t be any vendor. I’ve got a thought or two about how the future of Content and Information Management is going to play out. I wanted to join a vendor that not only shares that vision, but one that is positioned to make a play at being a leader when the future arrives.

Alfresco is one of those vendors.

I am not going to wax poetic and say that Alfresco has the perfect product, vision, or execution. Nobody’s product is perfect and I am not in a position yet to fully judge the execution. Alfresco DOES have the right pieces to the puzzle and they seem intent in using those pieces in the right way.

  • Alfresco is Open. Translation: They can be fit into any “winning” architecture
  • Alfresco is already in the Cloud. Translation: They understand the importance and have begun the transition
  • Alfresco is Open Source. Translation: They already sell Services, not Software

None of this guarantees success. All of it means that they are going to make a fight of it and I am excited that I will get to play a part.

Now, as for that part…

Content Management Strategist

Strange title eh? Iit was my choice. Alfresco was looking for an ECM Evangelist. While I loved the job description, and thought that the proposed title was accurate, I wanted more substance and less Enterprise in my Content Management.

So what will I be doing?

  • Share the vision of the future of Content Management and how Alfresco is working to achieve it.
  • Listen to the industry. Talk to customers, prospects, partners, and everyone else to learn what is working for them, what isn’t, what an ideal world would be, and then use that information to steer the vision.
  • Help people think of Content Management as PART of the solution, not THE solution. Strong Content Management platforms are necessary but they only work when the business challenge is put first.

There are many other items, but those are the biggest. The ultimate goal, aside from world domination Winking smile, is to help Alfresco lead the industry to a future where Content Management isn’t a problem to be solved, but the easy part of every business solution.

It is a large challenge and I cannot wait to conquer it.

As for working with Peter…he is three time zones away. I’ll find a way to manage.

12 thoughts on “Fresh Start with Alfresco

    • Tony, you are correct, thought Services could be argued if my life depended on it. The key thing here is that it is the same financial model, not price-point, when you move to the cloud. That really helps in the positioning and the ability to execute the transition.


  1. Congratulations LH. Exciting stuff! You might want to make a few changes to ‘About the Word’ though! Best of luck, from all at Enovation Solutions, Alfresco Partner in Ireland


    • Thanks. I’ve been busy updating the information everywhere without changing it before this post went live. PLUS, I’m on the road for my first day…so lots of moving parts.


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