AUDC13: netFORUM Enterprise Roadmap

I’m happy and sad about this session. I LOVE having the Roadmap session starting a conference off on the right foot. On the other hand, not a big fan of a conference starting on a Sunday. Blows a whole weekend and there are some people to whom taking Sunday as a day of rest/worship is still important.

The speakers are Don Prodehl (VP Research & Development) Darryl Hopkins (Director R&D/ Product Manager), and Craig Dellorso (Chief Customer Officer).


  • Themes this past year
    • Accounting enhancements
    • Framework/Foundation/UI
      • API/eWeb/Widgets
      • iWeb UI/div-table-based forms
    • Process Changes:
      • Mid-year Feature Pack release (basically optional point release)
      • Service Packs with potential functionality
      • More collaboration between Professional Services, R&D and Support
    • Going for a more modern looking App and more functionality in baseline
  • Christine Delorenzo is the new Product Manager for Accounting. (Much needed and she seems to have a decent background for the position)
  • Avectra2013 release is due in April
    • Avectra2012 release was delayed due to various factors: feature creep, not cutting Quality Assurance (QA)
    • Avectra2013 feature pack will be in August
  • Avectra2014 is slated for January, target month for future releases
  • Lots of features in April 2013 release
    • Improved A-Score, including rolling member activities to their organizations
    • Taxes on all product types
    • More Payment gateways and tokens
    • Auto-create interest codes based on actions (useful for AIIM)
    • Enhance Outlook 2010 plugin now supports 64-bit and will sync tasks and assignments into Outlooks and close them (need to attend that session)
    • Events budgeting and payables
    • More marketing opt-in and opt-out management through xWeb. Improves integrations with 3rd party applications (like Marketo)
    • Mobile eWeb and HTML5
    • eWeb Google Analytics integration
    • Improved form designer in the Toolkit, supports dynamic forms to handle mobile form factors
    • .NET 4.5, SQL Server 2012, jQuery updates, Bootstap, GLYPHIcons
    • xWeb has added RESTful as well as SOAP, including resource designer in Toolkit
    • Individual Designations, Table-based and not free-form, order by rank
    • More Communications Preferences
    • Consolidated notes for one person into one place
  • [Note: Demo showing redesign of iWeb (cool) and eWeb (nice but we don’t use)]
  • Working on a login from Facebook in eWeb for members, may not be part of 2013
  • Looking at OAuth and SAML (very happy to hear both of those, especially SAML)
  • Auto-redirect from desktop to mobile when site is viewed on mobile, when the page exists, maybe in the 2014 release
  • IdeaStarter being brought into netFORUM: CrowdFunding (funds, time, resources, and connections). widget based that can be incorporated into existing website
  • Roadmap, 2014 and Beyond
    • Enable hooks for more extensibility
    • Web Widgets built on RESTful web services
    • Query designer UI imporovements
    • Tax and FedEx integration
  • Want to create a full complement of RESTful services to build new eWeb version not in 2014 (very important. Must do to be mature platform)

Next step is the 1st-time attendee reception. Thinking I’ll drop off my laptop in the room first. After that, my next post will be tomorrow.


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