Translating Experience to the CIP

When I took the Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam back in January, I didn’t study due to a bet. This made the process more challenging than necessary. What I wanted to do today was see if you could guess which area I scored the lowest.

I’m not leaving you without any information. You can always look at what I’ve been blogging about for clues. There is also my LinkedIn profile which will tell you what I’ve done over my career. Finally, checking out what each domain area in the CIP exam covers should help you match that all together.

This of course, begs the question, what do you get for guessing correctly? That is a tough one. The poll is anonymous, so it will be hard to reward individuals…so let’s crowdsource. I’ll take suggestions for all readers (making me publicly confess some dark secret of some sort) and for those readers that share their correct guess in the comments prior to my announcing results.

I’ll run this poll for one week. At the end I’ll share the correct answer, the area that I knew the best, and what areas I missed a question. This should help people determine what areas they may be lacking knowledge in as a supplement to the Sample Exam.

7 thoughts on “Translating Experience to the CIP

    • Given what I know of your experience, that makes sense. You’ll want to pay attention to the Management area and telecommuting as well. There are a lot of details you may not have been that exposed to as frequently.


  1. A framed photo of you as Alfred with — You are the boss of me, [winner’s name here] — stenciled on the frame.

    Or we could go with something more boring like free access to one of AIIM’s new courses or something.

    I guessed “Access” because the jokes surrounding “Collaboration and delivery” were just too easy.


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