Enterprise 2.0 Conf: Avoiding the Silo Trap of E2.0

Now another session from the folks at Information Architected, Inc., this time Dan Keldsen.  Be good to see what his approach is avoiding silos.  He warned us of a lot of slides, so we will see if I can keep up.

  • Don’t just buy software, it needs to connect to other systems and possibly replace an existing system.
  • 93% of organizations have reported having issues collaborating (114 people), why? Real work is messy.
  • The Info-Juggling Knowledge Worker: Diagram showing all the different systems, and sources of content/information, in an organization.  Lots of places for people to get information, and none was integrated.
    • Adding more tools, even E2.0 tools, will not make the problems go away, especially if it doesn’t further integrate those systems
  • Employees are the GLUE and manual workflow to connect all of the systems, aside from rate “corporate-wide” initiatives that integrate capabilities. If Down-sized, the workflow is gone
  • IBM Global CIO Study
    • High Growth CIOs actively use collaboration and partnering tech with IT organization 60% more than low-growth CIOs
    • High-growth CIOs spend 94% more time integrating business and tech to innovate than low-growth CIOS
    • Business angle first over tech and tactical
  • Federated Search is a “simple” way to perform the integration, people are familiar with it and it is a one place to find things
  • Integrating security is an important approach
  • Portals can be a great way to bring things together (When done right)
    • Need to be designed to help do work (like a dashboard)
    • Cisco Quad (soon-to-be) product from the keynote yesterday is a good example.
    • Search, communication tools, and information all present.
    • (Lots of before-after screenshots, worth downloading to look at)
  • Process is another area for integration
  • Integrate the software into the context of the daily work

Going to spend a little bit of time getting some work done and attending the keynotes.  You can probably find me in the lobby until lunch.


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  1. Thanks for the summary – much appreciated. Quick uptake on the link to the presentation, was going to drop it in the comment stream, but you beat me to it.

    Need to work together to raise the more technical components of integration/convergence to the masses. See you at your session later.



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