Enterprise 2.0 Conf: Can Enterprise 2.0 Break the Knowledge Management Cultural Barrier

Going to try posting notes for some sessions at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference herein Boston. Obviously if I get too distracted and participate heavily, this may be a short-lived experiment.  Up first is Carl Frappaolo of Information Architected, Inc. Been looking forward meeting him in person for a while.

  • The first answer is “No”, but that is not the typical Enterprise 2.0 opinion, and not necessarily the final answer. Not a magic bullet.
  • The answer is dependent on the definition of culture.
  • Culture is only one part of KM and is heavily steeped in people. Only one of four interdependent components. There is also Technology, Process, and Business Strategy.
  • Culture is most powerful part of KM.
    • Culture reflects Strategy or Blinds it.
    • Culture drives Process or Circumvents it.
    • Culture leverages Technology or Sabotages it.
  • Types of cultures:
    • Islands of Me: Success defined by what a person does. Silos.
    • One-way Me/E1.0: User collaborates, goes out to seek knowledge. Structured team lifecycles.
    • Team Me: Team focused. Shared repositories. People try to seek out knowledge. Get some cross-team collaboration.
    • Proactive Me/E1.5: A major part of a job function is to be a team member. Portals, dashboards, and agents.
    • Two-way Me: Proactive about building communities. KM is driven from the top. Collective Intelligence.
    • Islands of We: Senior management buys into socialness. They view socialness and collaboration as core competency. Virtual teams.
    • Extended Me/E2.0: Full transparency. Participative. Emergence is important. Agility.
  • Important to determine where your organization is before trying to role things out. You have to talk to multiple levels to determine where they may sit. They may be in multiple areas.
  • Align the technology with the culture. Don’t use tech to change culture.
  • Technology Map to KM
    • Intermediation (Tagging, Blogs, SNA)
    • Externalization: How do I capture the knowledge? Wikis, blogs…
    • Internalization: How do I shape what has been capture around me?  How do I find others that do what I do? Mashup, Search…
    • Cognition: This is the output, trends and emergent information. Folksonomies play well here.
  • Evolution, not Revolution (Damn Straight!)
  • Resistance is real.  Numbers are from last fall, numbers got worse in last 6 months.
    • IT is resistance 49%
    • Management is 64%
    • Users is 72%: hardest to overcome, Change Management
  • Enterprise 2.0 is low training, not no training. Seeding content helps.
  • Revising the answer to “Yes”, but only to some degree.
  • Things to do:
    • Create a Vision (Ah, Vision.)
    • Sell, promote, and Market
    • Leverage needs and Culture
    • Nurture and promote champions
    • Learn from History
  • Things to not do:
    • Don’t ignore resistance
    • Don’t focus on IT
    • Don’t be Rigid
    • Pilots do not equal Solution
    • Don’t boil the Ocean

Off for more caffeine and to catch the keynotes. Will not be blogging the keynotes as they will be viewable online and amply covered by tweets. (#e2conf)


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  1. Laurence:

    I have been looking forward to meeting you in person for some time now as well. Thanks for posting this. Often speakers take exception with how/what is captured, but you have done a great job – not surprised. FYI – I will be posting my slides to the E2.0 Conference site, as well as slideshare, and most willing to send a copy to anyone who asks me via e-mail (cf@informationarchitected.com).


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