Let the Games Begin, The 2010 AIIM CMIS Demo

As promised, here is the “official” announcement of what the iECM Committee is doing this year for CMIS demo at the AIIM Expo.  This year we are trying to create a reference application that we can actually use for a long time and grow with new functionality.

We are looking for participants to help us out.  Read through and see if you would like to contribute.  There is also be a formal presentation on the demo scheduled for the AIIM Conference, and there will most likely be a panel discussion like the one held last year.

Here we go.  I copied it here, but you can download the PDF version if you prefer.

“Mission Statement”

To analyze and evaluate the CMIS standard in terms of it usability and the benefits of employing CMIS in the development of new services and applications which leverage one or more existing ECM systems; and to develop experience reports that capture best practices in the use of CMIS and CMIS compliant products.

Overview and Goals

In 2009, the AIIM iECM Committee sponsored a demonstration prototype using the draft version, 0.5, of the CMIS specification to build a federated content management application. Several vendors (Nuxeo, EMC, and Alfresco) deployed content repositories with their initial CMIS interfaces for use by the iECM Committee. The iECM committee built an end user browser-based client and a federator that allowed all three repositories to be accessed as though they were one system.

The iECM Committee’s purpose was two-fold:

  1. Analyze and evaluate the proposed CMIS specification
  2. Start to develop the experience needed to create a best practices guide to utilizing the CMIS protocol as it evolved into an industry standard

The 2009 iECM-CMIS demonstration was a valuable learning experience for the iECM Committee, and the attention gathered by its presentation at the 2009 AIIM Expo and Conference, along with the questions raised by those that saw the 2009 demonstration, pointed out the need for a follow on demonstration once CMIS was finalized.

In 2010, the iECM Committee will be presenting a new demonstration of the use of CMIS. As in 2009, the integration among repositories and services in the demo will all be accomplished via CMIS based system interfaces, but this time it will be a more sophisticated conceptual prototype, with several major changes:

  • Unlike the 2009 Demonstration, the 2010 prototype will be based on the final version of CMIS.
  • The 2010 CMIS prototype will have a more focused, specific business domain, Healthcare. Each vendor repository will represent a different Healthcare facility.
  • The 2010 demonstration will show three business/clinical cases for the end-user that will illustrate two of the usage scenarios for CMIS.
    • Application to Repository: Physician’s will each have a login to a primary repository where they can search and retrieve content. Optionally after editing the content, the physician can submit those documents, images, and other components of the electronic health record (e.g. transcription reports) to their primary repository.
    • Federation 1: Physicians will have a federated search ability to look for content in other repositories that are related to their patients if they have been granted access to those records. They can then view those records from the other repositories.
    • Federation 2: Patients will be able to view the documents and images that are part of their electronic health records across all repositories. They can grant individual physicians access to that content so that their physician can view their record, regardless of the repository in which they are stored.
  • The 2010 demonstration will be using a larger more domain focused corpus of documents, and we expect to have an even larger number of CMIS supporting vendors as participants.

Call for Participants

The iECM Committee is looking for additional participation in the iECM-CMIS 2010 Demo in several areas:

  • Vendors who wish to supply a repository using their CMIS-enabled repository
  • Vendors who wish to supply other demo development resources: designers, healthcare informatics expertise, developers, testers, etc.
  • Individuals with ECM development or Healthcare Informatics experience
  • Vendors and Individuals to help promote, test, and demonstrate the iECM CMIS Demo

To participate contact:

  • Thomas Pole for individuals and non-vendor organizations (tpole at harris dot com)
  • Betsy Fanning for vendors (bfanning at aiim dot org)

[Editor: You can also contact me, but I’m probably just going to refer you to one of those two anyway in order to help us keep track of everything. I’m running the development, but we like to keep our lists tidy.]

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  1. Sounds great! We have built a complete application (UI and configuration behind) for managing content (full contributor functionality) on Alfresco using the CMIS layer – let us know how we can be involved.


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