I Want YOU to Speak at EMC World!

I have a confession to make…I’m a fraud.  I may know a lot about Documentum and ECM, but when you get to pick your discussion topics, it is easy to look smart and knowledgeable.

imageMany of you know a lot about implementing successful ECM projects with Documentum, SharePoint, Alfresco, Nuxeo, or any number of systems.  You have all learned things that I’ve never even considered when planning for a project.

And the number of things I don’t know about Documentum is mind-boggling.  There are new components every few months and there is no way that I, or anyone for that matter, can keep up with it all.

So I am asking for your help.  Please think about the projects you have worked on in the past year or so.  Did you learn a few things?  Did you run into a few hurdles to over come?  The odds are that the project wasn’t perfect.  Even if it went well, there are things that you would do differently.

Share what you learned with me.

Share it with everyone!

Speak at EMC World!

If you are a customer, let’s hear about your just completed project and your plans for the future.  Tell us what you like about Documentum, and what you don’t like.

New PictureIf you are a partner, grab one of your clients and put something together as a team.  Your client will be thankful for the exposure and it will look good to their boss.  They’ll thank you for it.

If you are a business user, grab a technical person to join you on the podium.  If you are on the technical side, grab a business user.  Let’s hear about the Why and the How of the project.  Things are easier when you have help.

Here’s what you need…

  • Topic:  Be it a migration, upgrade, new functionality/Documentum component, or a new installation.  An interesting, and relevant, title works well.
  • Description: In 60 words, describe what you are talking about.  This would appear in the program, so sell it to other users. Don’t get trapped with too many buzzwords. Say what you did and what you are sharing.
  • Comments: Here are some comments where you can add some more detail and other thoughts for the submission evaluators.  Continue the sell here.
  • Objectives: Think of three answers to the questions At the end of this session you will be able to…?
  • Speaker Biography: For each presenter, think of 60-75 words to explain who you are, what you do, and why people would find you a credible source of information.

Answer a few other simple questions and you are done. Need a sample? I posted one of my proposal on CMIS on the EMC Developer Network not too long ago.

Want help preparing your topic or want a second set of eyes, I’m more than willing.  You can also post it in the Documentum Community and get some feedback from a broader audience.

You have three weeks, deadline is now February 8th, so you have time to put everything together.

When it comes to the presentation, be sure to get help.  Practice your delivery and have others look at the presentation.  Ask colleagues, others in the community, or feel free to ask me.

I am so desperate to learn and cure my ignorance, I will help anyone with their presentations if only to insure that I have the opportunity to attend more useful sessions.

I don’t need more product maps.  I need hear from YOU and what you have done.  Only then will I begin to be as knowledgeable as I portray myself in the Documentum Community.

5 thoughts on “I Want YOU to Speak at EMC World!

  1. Lisa McIntyre says:

    Hey Pie, we submitted last week. We’re hoping they want someone to talk about Media WorkSpace.

    You know you can count on us to be in the audience for your CMIS talk.



    • You’ll be approved. They roll out your press release when they realize they need more attention to Media WorkSpace. I actually can’t wait to talk to you about it. I heard a bunch of stuff about it in November, mostly negative, so I’d like your perspective.


  2. Chris Campbell says:

    Alright, you inspired me. (Sigh… I hate to use a cheesy term like inspired, but it fits.) I submitted my little presentation topic on practical workflow design, real-world challenges and what-not. Figure I’d share what I’ve learned and show folks how a “real” workflow is done. 🙂

    I’m also doing it because I would love the feedback and interaction with other people. I just hope my presentation style isn’t too over the top for most people. Is it too much at the very end to stand on a chair and shout “WERE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?”


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