Election 2008

Very simple post today.  Aside from feeling slack for not having posted a second post last week, I wanted to take a moment to express a non-work opinion.  As most of you know, the US presidential election is tomorrow.  Now I’m not going to say who I am voting for, that isn’t relevant to today’s post.  What is important is the need for all registered voters to hit the polls and cast your ballot.

You Never Know…

Back in college, my fraternity was holding a vote on whether or not to initiate the pledge class.  There was one pledge that was mediocre at best, and there was a general consensus that he was going to be voted out.  So the morning of the vote 4-5 brothers, out of 25, slept in and skipped the vote.  As a result, the pledge became a brother by one vote.  If one of those brothers had shown up, he wouldn’t have initiated.  The pledge promptly lived down to all of our expectations.

The point is this, even if you think your candidate is a lock, Go Vote.  If enough people feel that way and don’t make time, they are no longer a lock.  On the other hand, if you feel that your candidate is doomed, Go Vote.  Maybe the other side will get lazy.

The winner of the election is the side with the most supporters that actually make the effort to vote.

So Go Vote!

One thought on “Election 2008

  1. I went and followed my own advice this morning and voted. I walked to the polling place with my oldest son and made our choice. It was a little strange this year as there was a choice of paper or electronic voting.

    The whole process from the time I left home to the time I got back was 30 minutes. Time to head into the office and earn some tax dollars for my candidate to waste (or is that cynical?)


    PS…GO VOTE!!!


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