See Pie at EMC World 2008

As if there was any doubt, I will be attending EMC World 2008 this year in Las Vegas (May 18-22). It is the best place to corner the product managers to see what is coming down the pike. The sessions are mostly useful, but the highlight is getting to talk to other users and the EMC staff. I strongly recommend attending if you have a Documentum installation.

Watch for the Word

I plan on blogging during/after every session that I attend. While I can’t share many of my offline conversations, some of what I hear is not for public dissemination, I will share everything from the presentations.

In addition, I’ll be checking all the Comments for questions that you would like to see answered. I’ll try and get the answers, though no promises. The sooner you ask a question, the higher the chances of my finding the person with the answer. If I get an answer and am told that I can’t share it with the public, I’ll at least let you know that I asked and see if I can get a timeline for a public announcement.

Questions of Pie

I have some basic topics already. I will share them with you now, but this list is growing as I start to plan my trip in greater detail. If I get enough participation from everyone, I may even start a separate page to track everything.

My starting questions are:

  • Will the 6.5 Indexing engine work on a 6.0 repository?
  • What is the plan for Identity Management in the Documentum world?
  • Standards.
  • Friendly DFS conversations with Craig Randall, preferably over a frosty beverage.

I have a lot of other things bubbling in the back of my head which I will get written down over the next month.

Meet Pie

If you want to corner me at EMC World, I’ll be spending a fair amount of spare time around the Developer Network events. Once I get there and get my bearings, I’ll be posting here on the best way to contact me at the conference. I’ll pick some message board somewhere that I will promise to check.

I am looking forward to meeting as many new people as I can during the conference. See you there.

7 thoughts on “See Pie at EMC World 2008

  1. Would you be able to track down answers to three questions?

    1. Craig Randall has commented about DFS supporting WS-Security but never went deeper. Could you blog about how SAML can be put into DFS via WS-Security as well as how Documentum becomes a relying party.

    2. Could you figure out why Documentum isn’t using Ounce Labs for static code analysis while the rest of EMC is

    3. See if anyone on the Documentum side is noodling XACML.



  2. James, I’m all over those. SAML, XACML, and other EA supporting standards are EXTREMELY high on my priority list. This isn’t just because it is where I think ECM needs to go, which it is. I am now starting to have my own clients clamor for these items.



  3. Unfortunately I can’t make it but I’m interested to hear EMCs plans for further Common Criteria certification – see the latest certifications at Frankly it’s not that impressive given 1) the huge product list for EMC 2) many government organisations require EAL4 for certain types of product. How on earth do EMC think they can convince government of their Records Management credentials?


  4. No need for a warning. If it is outside of a presentation room, I assume it is off the record unless told otherwise. Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve gotten some inside info, but I’ve kept it to myself.

    The fastest way for me to stop learning is to violate that trust.



  5. mcoblentz says:

    Hi James, Pie,

    AFAIK, Ounce labs isn’t on the approved list of security scanning tools for EMC. (That doesn’t mean it can’t be used, just that the security office hasn’t listed it as something that’s been evaluated for certain types of security threats).
    Documentum is running both static code analysis and vulnerability scanning software against the entire stack.


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