The Links

My blog roll got out of control.  I tried organizing it, but that just failed.  So I decided to include all sorts of links here for everyone.  My blog roll is going to be exclusively for those writers with which I am regularly interacting.  This page will include those links and all others.

All links embedded behind a company’s or person’s name that isn’t part of the blog name is a link to that Twitter account.  A list within a list.

Content Management Industry Blogs

AIIM, Digital Landfill: John Mancini, president of AIIM, writes this blog on ECM.  He allows a lot of guest posts, so there is a lot of good content here.

Ask Johnny!: The first of the Documentum blogs. Johnny Gee inspired me to break down and start blogging back in the day and was a Documentum expert when I was still playing with DOCS Open.

Bex Huff: Bex is an old hand at Oracle UCM.  Like me, he has a few opinions on where Content Management is going and on the related trends in the industry.

Content Log: This is the blog of John Newton, founder of Documentum and Alfresco.  He is a pretty bright guy, and not just because he is a big support of CMIS.

Content Perspective: Alexandra Larsson is a Documentum practitioner for the Swedish Armed Forces.  She plays with some cutting edge applications and shares her experiences.

e-Discovery Team: While not core to Content Management, and written by a lawyer, this blog is essential reading if you want to try and keep up with the e-Discovery world.  Ralph Losey is a pretty smart guy and dealing with the realities on a regular basis.

ECM Stuff: Jed Cawthorne is a great guy who has a lot of practical experience in the industry.  We first met at a bar after the last U.S. Momentum in Anaheim, before either of us were blogging.

Infinite Blend: John Webber focuses on the consulting and design phases of Content Management with a broad look at Information Management as a whole.

Informata: Jesse Wilkins focuses on Records Management, but knows ECM and Social Media as well.  He speaks regularly out there at different AIIM and ARMA events.  He has been too busy to post regularly, but when he does, it can be quite informative.

Inside Documentum: Robin East has been blogging for a while over in England. He usually tackles real inside information on the inner workings of Documentum.

Jon on Tech: Jon Marks is a long-time Web Content guy based out of the UK.  He has a fun spin on things and a solid grasp of the big picture.  Just don’t let his obsession with Bob Dylan distract you.

Me and Content Management: Some insightful writings about Content Management.

Observing Content Management: Lee Smith writes about Documentum and events in the broader Content Management space. I’ve been following Lee for years and it is always educational.

The Real Story Group: Okay, an analyst blog…but a GOOD analyst blog.  Formerly known as CMS Watch, this is a gifted collection of thinkers in the space.

Tech Industry Blogs

A Journey In Social Media: This is a great blog/journal by Chuck Hollis of EMC.  While the blog is officially retired, it has a huge amount of valuable posts and shows the evolution of the Enterprise 2.0 efforts at EMC.

Craig’s Musings: Craig Randall works at Adobe and is a former architect at Documentum.  He is a smart guy and is someone to whom I listen when he speaks.  He used to talk more about Content Management, but less so at Adobe.  Still interesting though.

Infovark: A startup in my local area, they have created a useful tool for sharing information within the organization.  They have many interesting thoughts on Enterprise 2.0, Collaboration, and the old standby, Content Management.

IT Project Failures: A ZDNet blog, this is a great blog to follow if you want to learn what not to do when managing an IT project.

James McGovern: I am listing James’s name instead of his blog name, which is Enterprise Architecture: From Incite comes Insight. James is smart and writes on a variety of topics.  Be warned though, he can be belligerent and isn’t concerned about keeping it civil if he thinks it will further the debate. He has eased up a bit after a blogging break.  There is a lot of value in what he writes though.

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