Tips: Deleting a Lot of Rows from a Database

Recently, I had to remove a large number of rows, almost 10 million, from a very active database table in a LIVE system. Forget why for now as that is the subject of another post. The basic problem was how to remove 99.8% of the rows without impacting users or removing the few rows that we actually wanted to keep. To make matters worse, the field that was determined to have all the answers didn’t have an index.

Adding an index to the field in question would only solve part of the problem. It would take resources just to apply the key to a table that large, especially one that already had several indices. There are also locking issues and let us not forget the Transaction Log usage. We are talking Gigabytes of space for any new index and for temporary Transaction Log space.

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Measuring ECM Performance

I was reading a post by Lopataru on his blog. For those that haven’t read his blog, Lopataru is working on his PhD research, focusing on Content Management. He is trying to determine what makes a Content Management system high-performance. I’m not going to analyze his thoughts, but I am going to add some independent thought to the issue.

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Tips: SQL Server Database Ownership for a Documentum Database

Every now and then, I run into an instance where a database for Documentum has changed slightly, preventing an upgrade or even startup. There is nothing wrong with the database itself, just the way the database ownership is configured. There are several reasons why this could happen:

  • The database was restored after a crash
  • The database was moved to a new server
  • A new user was created to own the database

This is all fine and can be done properly. However, sometimes it is not done correctly because people rely too much on Documentum to create and update the security without actually paying attention to what is happening in the background. So here are a few tips in how changes in SQL Server need to be played out.

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Tips: Sizing a D6 System

As you may have noticed, there is no publicly available Sizing Spreadsheet for the newly released D6 yet. It is my understanding that they are still collecting data and refining it so that they have a high enough level of confidence to back it. However, I was able to get a draft copy recently and I wanted to share some observations.

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Tips: Windows Installation for Content Server

Going to start categorizing my Tips/Documentum advice into a separate group. I want these things easier to find. Their relevance doesn’t really fade, so hopefully this will help keep them around.

I just helped someone install Content Server. I sometimes don’t even think about many of the details of an installation. I’ve installed it so many times that I just do it by instinct. I decided to put down some tips into this to help those starting the process.

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