The 12 Step Program to Help Content Management Professionals

Shotwell'sWe were joking the other day that given the abuse and challenges that we, as Content Management Professionals, suffer every day, that working in the Content Management industry must be an addiction. How else do you explain the long hours and the gradual degradation of our basic humanity?

Hi, my name is Pie, and I keep trying to solve the Content Management/Collaboration problem.

Let’s face it. The average Content Management Professional is not entirely sane. As I discussed in the Jack Sanity Scale of Content Management, the longer we work in the industry, the less sane we become. Sometimes I think the only thing that helps us hold it together is therapy at local establishments.

But there is hope. We can find a cure and at least stop the slide into becoming Peter Monks. To do this, I have outlined a 12 step plan to help anyone who is ready to get out. It is a lot of work, but the road to recovery is not an easy one.

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