Forecasting the Future of Documentum and SharePoint

I look at the numbers.  I know that I get a bump in readership just by using the workword SharePoint.  It also happens to be a vital issue to the Documentum world.  Aside from the future of CenterStage vs. SharePoint, which is a non-starter until we see a non-beta CenterStage, there is this simple fact.  People are adopting SharePoint and are looking for help more and more often.  This can be in the way of services, but can also be from and enhanced architecture created with the help of Documentum.

Well, we’ve been patient, and Andrew has begun to share some of his thinking with us.  Andrew Chapman is a great person and lets his sense of humor show in his blog.  If you don’t find it funny, you are doomed in the ECM world.  If there is any field that requires a sense of humor, it is ECM.

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