Documentum Renewal: Application Separation

This is the first in a series that I am writing as a Christmas present to EMC.  I want them to think about Documentum as a platform for the future and not on just adding on chunks that can be used to drive revenue.  Revenue is important, but investment now means revenue in the future.

After all, if they want their vision of SkyNet to come true, they need to get to work.

Why Web Publisher Sucks

I talked recently about how there are many ECM vendors out there that have sub-par applications, like Web Publisher from Documentum, that shouldn’t be required to be an ECM vendor.  It isn’t that they aren’t capable of writing good applications.  It is that the landscape changes faster than the release cycles for the platform.

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A Letter to EMC About Federations

Dear EMC,

Hey there.  How are you doing? It was nice running into you at the AIIM Seminar last week.  I’ve been trying to tell people that CenterStage is not intended to take SharePoint out as we discussed.  People are listening, but only time will tell if it will matter.

I want to talk to you about an issue that I’ve been encountering.  I’ve talked to you about this before, but I’m not sure that you were paying attention.  I just wanted to mention it again to let you know that this is actually important.

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Tip: Federations and Replicating LDAP Definitions

This was going to be part of my post, Documentum and LDAP, Time to Grow Up, but I decided to pull it out as a short post in the Tips section.  Partly because I haven’t posted a Tip in a while, and partly because I think this deserves a little more attention.

The issue? A Federation and multiple LDAP definitions. The solution, simple, but poorly documented.

The Heart of the Matter

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