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This page is a collection of links to my Tips posts that I write. I want to make sure that people can find these posts and that they have more visibility than a simple category can provide. This page will definitely grow over time and allow this page to become more and more useful. At least that is my hope.

I encourage anyone to leave comments to correct, expand, or point to good locations in other places in web. I am including Tips posts that I have published to other sites such as the EMC Developer Network where I have a 2nd “blog” titled Pie on Content Management.  This information has worked for me, but may not be suitable for every situation.

And now the list of my Tips posts, sorted in descending order by original posting date. The date listed is the date of the most recent comment/update to the Tip.

3 thoughts on “Documentum Tips

  1. Marc says:

    We are right now developing complex workflow application in ver 6.0 SP1. Developers want to move to ver 6.5 SP1 now instead of converting to 6.5 SP1 once in production. Thoughts – continue with release then convert or convert now. Application is 90% done right now. Are there benefits to move to ver 6.5 SP1 at this point instead of finishing product and moving later?


    • If you have a week to devote to the upgrade in Dev, I would move forward now. I may only take a day, but it is always good to schedule extra time to cover the unexpected. As a rule, D6 has worked better than D6.5 when doing a direct comparison of components.

      In general, not doing an upgrade in Production if necessary limits the risk to users. Plus, you won’t have to take the system down to perform the upgrade later.


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