What is Pie Up To?

The bad guys from One Crazy SummerIt has been a few months since I parted ways with Alfresco. I have been spending the time researching, writing, and chatting with people throughout the industry. I thought I would share an update on what I am working on today and thinking about for tomorrow.

To summarize, it is going to be One Crazy Summer.

Freelance Fun-Time

The first thing I learned was something the I already knew, I have an awesome network and there were some opportunities for me immediately. The Stork brothersThey just weren’t the right ones for me. The last thing I want to do is take a position and be climbing the walls in six months looking for a way out.

While a full-time position is still my priority, I’ve started a few freelance projects to fill both the time and the bank account. The work so far has run the gamut from writing basic IT policies to assessing Content Management strategies. If you know somebody who could use my help, just check out my About page.

Information Governance Book

A lot of missed shots for the trash canAs I currently am not fully booked with interviews and projects, I’ve decided to try and put together a little book on Information Governance. I’ll be culling things from my blog, adding some fresh content, and trying to determine how best to electronically publish the book.

I’m open to any/all advice on the publishing process. Before you start suggesting great tools, remember that I am one of those crazies who still likes using Windows 7. Do not go nuts with Mac specific advice.

Other Posting Channels

Another thing I am starting to investigate is other outlets for my writing. While the Word is great for Technology topics, I’ve noticed that whenever I veer off topic my readership drops. While I only slightly obsess over numbers, I want to make sure readers have some idea what they are getting here at the Word.

Since I do not have the energy to maintain a second blog, I am soliciting advice from people who have tried out some of the other platforms. I am looking at Medium as one possible outlet.

If I do find another channel, I have plans to include a feed here on the Word so people can find all of my writing. I am already thinking what I can do to help people find my writing on CMS Wire automatically.

Summer Career Goal

It is summer and I do plan to enjoy it. I’ll be taking in the beach in Florida, the pool just outside, and whatever fun events I can track down. Even with all that, I do have to work as I know that the next stop is not going to take care of itself.

I have learned that I do not want to narrow down what I am doing next. It isn’t a lack of decisiveness, but a desire to not miss a good thing. I want a challenge that I can tackle with a good team. Godzilla wrecking the model in One Crazy SummerI want my efforts to make a difference in the industry if at all possible. I can do those things as a product manager/strategist, analyst, CIO, or consultant.

About the only thing I have ruled out is architecting another Documentum solution. Been there, done that, still having nightmares.

It is my hope that by the end of August, I’ll have another update announcing my next chapter. Until then, enjoy the writing and keep relaxed.

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  1. Another blog needn’t be a full time deal. Post once in while but don’t deprive us of that slice of pie. Actually, a second, albeit infrequent slice might be easier to promote. Give it done thought.


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