My Day on the Potomac

Picture of the PotomacYesterday I shared about my departure from Alfresco. As soon as I hit publish, I hit the trail. I drove over to Maryland to Great Falls with the intent of tackling the Billy Goat Trail. The trail isn’t hard, just something that lends itself to deciding it is time for a beer.

The trail is in three sections, A, B, and C. I didn’t name them, so don’t blame me. Each section begins and ends on the C&O Canal, giving you a couple chances to call it a day early.

Let me describe them for you.

  • Section C: Farthest from the start and closest to the highway, it is also the one your Grandparents would enjoy.
  • Section B: You want to be a little nimble to hike this one. It has some of the best views of the river though.
  • Section A: Being part billy goat is advisable.

Map of Billy Goat TrailWhat normally happens is that some friends and I would start, hike Section A. After that took some time and a lot of energy, we’d return on the C&O Canal towpath trail and decided to go have a burger and a beer, pleased with our efforts.

We didn’t know what we were missing on the rest of the trail. We didn’t know the sights or that those sections would be much easier on our bodies. We made assumptions and called it a day.

Well not yesterday! I decided to hike the 4+ miles to the far end of the trail and hike back along all three sections of the Billy Goat Trail.

Wise choice.

Flowers on the TrailIt was a great day and the trail was mostly empty. Section C was full of wild flowers that had just bloomed. The river was low enough to provide easy navigation of the low spots.

Oh yeah, and I wasn’t tied to a computer or phone on a day that I just really wanted to be away. The messages piled up as I just kept enjoying the air.

And now it is FRIDAY! Going to do some planning, writing, and maybe watch some Adventure Time.

By Monday, expect a return to the crazy world of tech.