Why I Run

Every now and then, I like to go a little off topic from the world of IT and Content. Sometimes it is because I want to remind everyone about the bigger world that we live in everyday. Sometimes it is something fun that I want to share. Other times, it is something I want to share and it isn’t really worth creating a new channel for just one item.

This is the “Word of Pie” after all, not “Tech Words of Pie”.

The following falls into the last bucket. It is something that I wrote in my head on some recent runs before writing it down. I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of running again and it has become something I look forward to on a regular basis. This shares my mental evolution as a runner.

Why I Run

It started with a push, a shove.

It was an exception that became the rule.

Turning my everyday into a fight for survival.


So I ran.


I ran from Nick, Dave, Chris, Jim, and Danny.

They taunted, chased, and poured their anger out on to me.

My life was defined by fear from beginning to end.


So I ran.


Year after year, I ran until one day, they stopped chasing.

They began taking their pleasure in making me run.

And I did it because I knew, getting caught was worse.


So I ran.


Then one day, I realized that they couldn’t catch me.

I had become fast. I had become quick.

Running had become a refuge, my savior.


So I ran.


I found others, others who enjoyed the freedom.

Enjoyed the thrill of being able to go anywhere,

With just a pair of shoes.


So we ran.


However, they all seemed to be running to something

While I was always running away.

Realizing that I could never do what they do, I left.


So I ran.


Eventually, I no longer felt chased.

Eventually, I felt like I had arrived.

Eventually, I look around and was content.


So I stopped.


Soon something else caught up to me.

Demons, spawned from those who had chased me before.

Uncertainty, fear, and doubt, cascaded down upon me.


So I ran.


Trying to get away from the demons within.

Feeling them pulling me down.

Knowing that if they won, I was lost.


So I ran.


I escaped the demons, leaving them behind.

I could sense them, but they had faded into the background.

I sat down, and caught my breath.


So I stopped.


The demons returned and the cycle began anew.

I would run, find peace, and rest.

But the demons always returned.


So I ran.


The cycle kept shortening.

Now there was no rest. If I stopped, they were there.

And they grew and they grew.


So I ran.


Terror filled me. Terror unlike any faced as a child.

Where bullies had tried to beat my body.

The demons were after my soul.


So I ran.


Then I discovered that hidden in the run was strength.

One day, I turned, fought, and beat a demon.

I realized that this didn’t have to be forever.


So I ran.


I ran to stay strong, stay fast.

Teaching myself to look forward and not back.

Running to a future that I decide.


So I run.

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  1. Ben Lazar says:

    Dude, let’s run next trip we are on together. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this post. We all have our struggles. It us in the perseverance we live.


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