If I Were At Momentum Europe…

Momentum Europe, the 2010 edition in Lisbon, is this week.  I can’t be there, mostly because I would have a hard time justifying the cost given how much work I do in Europe (which at last count was $0).  I am a little jealous of Lee Smith getting to attend and present at the conference, so I will have to live a little through others.

Why am I sad to miss this? Well, there is the changes in three key leadership positions at IIG since EMC World:

  • Jeetu Patel is now the CTO of IIG.  While I don’t know Jeetu enough to develop much of an opinion on this move, I see nothing to be concerned about from this appointment.  I’m sure I’ll develop an opinion over time.  There is one opinion out there from the TSG Group which appears optimistic.
  • Jeroen van Rotterdam is now the Chief Architect of IIG.  As I discussed last week when talking about changes in the Documentum world, this is potentially very good.  If Jeetu was responsible, then my opinion of him has increased by a scale of magnitude.
  • Rick Devenuti is now the President of IIG. The former COO steps up.  Lots of potential in his resume.  The question is, does he get Content Management?

It will be interesting to here what these three people say during the conference.  Speaking of which, these are the sessions that I would love to hear about.  If any attendees take notes, I’ll even post them here for all to read.

  • Tuesday morning keynote: Originally the Mark Lewis keynote, I expect this to be the session where they layout the “5 year vision” that I heard rumored. Regardless, it will be interesting to hear.
  • Tuesday afternoon keynote: Jeetu Patel is giving this one.  This will be a good chance to see what he may be thinking.
  • Cloud Strategy for Documentum xCP: Is there anything beyond plans to live in virtual worlds?  Would love to see plans to make the architecture more cloud friendly.  Follow the link to the discussion and let’s see what happens.
  • EMC Documentum Architecture Overview: This is Jeroen presenting on the Architecture. Very interested on any thoughts shared about the future of the core architecture.
  • The Latest in Documentum Performance & Scalability: This is a session in two parts by Ed Bueche.  Always interesting, but he will be talking about Documentum xPlore.
  • How to Get Microsoft SharePoint and EMC Documentum to Work Together: This is Lee Smith’s session.  The previous version of this presentation at EMC World got rave reviews.

For the record, there is also a Virtual Momentum.  It is planned to be live for quite some time, so I may consider it later.  It isn’t free, which is fair, so I will have to contemplate it balanced against the odds of my carving more than an hour for it in my schedule.

2 thoughts on “If I Were At Momentum Europe…

  1. dmcontent says:

    Rick Devenuti is not a good choice. Rick was responsible for CMA stopping all development and concentrating on Centerstage and Source One. Source One was a good launch, but Centerstage has and is going nowhere. Too many bugs, and too little features for clients to embrace, overall it has flopped. And now he replaces Mark Lewis, extrememly bad move.
    Jeetu Patel is a good choice, someone who brings an outside perspective which was needed at CMA now IIG.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what the future of xCp is going to look like, what the life span of WDK is going to be and if xCP goes RCMP will it be as bad as Centerstage. Or will they hire someone from a web design company to build a better more usable interface.


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