HIMSS 2010: Social Networking-Are You Listening

The focus of this session is on use cases in using Social Networking in the Health IT world.  I thought I would attend to see how these tools are being used here.

  • Patients want to feel connected
  • Recruitment is an ongoing challenge, the next generation is connected
  • Promote discovery, better treatments and efficiencies
  • Large gap between seeing the value and using the tech in Healthcare (90%  to 35%)
  • Some Risks
    • Public domain when using common tools
    • HIPAA violations
    • Health professionals “friending” patients (Thinking that practices would have fan pages)
    • Value vs Time Wasting (People have always found ways to goof-off and waste time)
  • Like phone conversations, communications through Social Media need a policy around them.
  • (Social Media Policies are under discussion. I added to the conversation that the policy should address communication with external entities and not focus on the tech.)
  • You have to be out there monitoring because people are talking about you out there.
  • Enterprise 2.0 came up in conversation. It was noted that it isn’t a slam-dunk deployment, but worth investigating.
  • Another risk is medical advice. “This is not Medical Advice, you have to pay for Medical Advice.”
  • A warning against hiring Social Media “Experts” without researching to be sure that they actually know what they are doing. (Check references. If they don’t have them, maybe they aren’t worth the money.)

One more session left and then heading home.  Heading to see the Military Health Portal.


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