HIMSS 2010: Aneesh Chopra, U.S. CTO, Talks about Health IT

Aneesh Chopra is talking so why wouldn’t I attend?  Need I say any more?  Even before he starts, you can tell he is an energetic speaker.

  • Innovations in Health IT would be good for the economy.
  • We are coming from “There’s a form for that.” to “There’s an app for that.”  Government reality doesn’t reflect public reality.
  • The US is 15th in Higher Education, 22nd in E-Government, and 40th on the Innovation Trends.  This was out of 40 countries.  The US had 2.7% growth.  Obama wants to return to number 1 by 2020. (Reasonable, but challenging
  • Perceives Healthcare and Energy as the growth areas for the economy.
  • Stimulus act called for an increase in health It R&D.
  • Broadband is important.  If patients don’t have broadband, how do they access their records remotely.  Same for doctors at home.  (Suspect that doctors have a higher percentage of broadband than patients)
  • Trying to bring the R&D side of the house with IT procurement (CIO Vivek Kundra).
  • Told story of how in Virginia it took 1.5 years to procure a 150K, 6-week, web application.
  • Text4baby is a partnership with the wireless carriers, who are waving fees, to send SMS updates to expecting mothers based upon the due date.
  • (Trying to sell how things are changing in Washington. Haven’t seen it yet.)
  • Prioritization, transparency, engagement, and rapid results (90-day measurements) are the Core Principles on how they are trying to get Washington to work.
  • Releasing next week, guidance to federal agencies on prizes and rewards for innovation.
  • Open Government plans will be published April 7th.
  • NHIN: A set of policies, standards, and services that enable the Internet to be used for secure and meaningful exchange of health information to improve health and health care”
  • NHIN Direct: Open transparent collaborative process to evolve the NHIN.  An Gov20 initiative that was launched today.
  • Don’t abandon 5 9s reliability for core systems, but look for the innovation for new ways to serve.

Say what you want about the president, the CTO has a good vision and the enthusiasm to push towards it.  That is a very good thing.

Time for the exhibit hall until close.  Always interesting as the vendors are tired and giving everything away.


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