Choosing the Words of Pie

So, here is the deal.  I’m very busy these days, which is good.  It only leaves me so much time to write for the Word. I have multiple ideas for my next post, but I can’t decide because I like them all.

Then I thought, why not ask you?

So here are some ideas. Vote and add your own thoughts below for other topics.  The ideas that I place in the poll will be covered…eventually.

If you select “Other”, please leave your idea in the comments.  I will post the selected entry by Monday evening.

4 thoughts on “Choosing the Words of Pie

  1. Who really cares about the Magic Quadrant ? Honestly…….

    I will give you a couple of weeks to do this one, but I want your opinion on the improvements to SharePoint 2010 content management, perhaps in the context of a SharePoint 2010 versus DTCM 6.5 comparison ???

    Well, you did ask !


    • That is going to be tough as I haven’t seen it yet. I will cover the topic though as soon as I think I am qualified to express an opinion.


  2. I voted for DCTM UG. That’s the level where so much real action is these days. What else can be said about the Gartner MQ that hasn’t already been said (good and bad)? But I bow to the wisdom of the crowd (and you) on this one….


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