Holy IMAX Batman!

Okay.  I rarely stray away from technology, but I have to share.  I just got back from watching The Dark Knight, on an IMAX screen.  This was my first IMAX movie, and I hadn’t seen this Batman movie yet.  When I walked in the theater, it was what I expected.  When the movie started…I have one word…


Not an exclamation, but a slow steady, I’m still in shock…whoa….

Okay, maybe I have a few more words, but that sums it up.  The movie doesn’t take all six stories of the screen all the time, but when it does, wow.  I mean WOW!  My wife, moderate action film viewer, thought it was easily worth the babysitter and the extra cost of the IMAX tickets.  If you knew my wife, that would mean even more to you.

If you have any interest in seeing the movie, get thee to the nearest IMAX theater!  Now!

My only problem now is that I’m sure that it will be disappointing when I own the DVD and watch it on my much smaller screen.  It was an incredible movie and I think it’ll still be great (maybe the best Batman ever), but I’ll know how truly amazing it is on the big, big, screen.

I now return you to our regularly schedule blog….