The CMS Watch Vendor Map

A while back, CMS Watch came out with an updated vendor map, which is designed as a subway map.  While it does serve as a quick checklist of a vendors capabilities, it is just more fun to look at it.  Here is a copy of the 2008 version, but you can download it on their site and get some options.

This year they are offering swag in their store with images of the map as the pretty graphic.  No interest for me there, at first.  I then saw this line:

Regarding the latter, perhaps you already own your fill of mugs and mousepads, but can you ever have enough beer steins? Bring it to the next event where we’re speaking and we’ll fill it up with the closest available brew. 😉

Alas, none of the events are coming to any events I plan on attending.  I would buy the beer stein for a chance to get it filled up.  After all, that is makes it a beer stein and not just another piece of swag.  Plus Tony is always fun and interesting to talk to, with or without a frosty beverage.

One thought on “The CMS Watch Vendor Map

  1. I know the map is for fun, but why it does not show a tunnel between SAP and OpenText ?
    One can only suspect there is alternative transportation available 🙂 A highway?


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