Opening Day, My Favorite Holiday

Yesterday, I created many headaches.  I took the day off and went to a sports bar and watched several hours of baseball, including the thumping of the Phillies by the Nationals.  Now, many of you may not care about baseball, or even know the rules.  That isn’t important.  What is important is the time.

I used a day of vacation to sit back and do “nothing”.  My dad and a few of my friends showed up during the afternoon, and we talked baseball, work, and whatever came to mind.  As tradition dictates, I bought each of my friends a beverage and an appetizer to thank them for taking time away from work, and their families, to hand out and watch baseball.

I do this every year, for one very important reason.  I enjoy work, but I work to live, not the other way around.  The Opening Day of MLB baseball is something that I enjoy and I force every project/employer to realize that while I may not be working that day, my productivity rises because I am in such a chipper mood for weeks before and days after.  This is opposed to the crotchety mood that I would have if I had to actually work.

I urge everyone to take a moment and think about why you work.  What do you love to do?  Whatever it is, be sure to make time for it.  It may seem a little unconventional to some, but mental health is just as important than your physical health.

Now, back to the fun world of ECM…